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Our 75 foot range has 10 lanes, is climate controlled, wheelchair accessible,
adjustable shooting benches and are suitable for Firearms Training Events and Stages.

SGS RangeRange fee is $15 per shooter.

Rifles and Shotguns are allowed (restrictions apply).
Rental Guns are available.
Ladies shoot FREE on Mondays.
We host Sumner Pistol League events.
Memberships are available.
Fellowship Fire” is a Shooting Range Social program for clubs and organizations.

Shooters under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and must be able to see and shoot safely over the shooting bench.  Most handguns are allowed on the range, as long as the users know how to handle them safely.  Rifles, up to 30:06 or .303 are allowed, but no armor piercing, steel core or tracer ammunition can be used.  Silencers and Suppressors are allowed, as long as they don’t make too much noise.  Shotguns are allowed, but only with slugs.  NOT ALLOWED: Black powder firearms, paintball guns, spray guns or grease guns.  Anyone having a specific concern should call us.

Range Rules Here

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