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Class – Home Defense Shotgun

Home Defense Shotgun

The Basic Home Defense Shotgun Course is designed for adult members of the family who have decided to use a semi-automatic, pump, or double barreled shotgun as a part of their overall home safety strategy. The course will be taught assuming that this is the student’s first formal instruction in the use of the shotgun in a defensive application. Three hours of the course will be classroom instruction followed by a practical exercise on our state of the art firing range. All loading, firing, and unloading of the shotgun will be done under the direct supervision and with assistance of the instructor. A minimum of ten rounds of defensive ammunition (buckshot or slugs) is required for the practical exercise.

Subjects Covered:

  • Basic Rules of Firearms Safety
  • Types of Shotguns
  • Safe storage of the shotgun in the home (gun safes, trigger locks, cables)
  • Castle Doctrine
  • Range Rules
  • Choke Selection
  • Ammunition Types
  • Accessories (tactical lights, lasers, ammunition carrying devices, slings)
  • Cleaning, care, and maintenance
  • Recoil Management
  • Determining Dominant Eye
  • Loading, unloading, and firing (practical exercise)

Required Equipment:

10 rounds of buck shot or slugs, bring your own shotgun or you will be able to use ours.



Cost: $125.00 (3-4 hours)

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